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23 May 2022

The enigmatic case of the Miocene mammal, Kolponomos newportensis
Testing for the presence of the mosaic convergence in cranial shape between Kolponomos and sabretoothed cats Smilodon.

9 May 2022

The diversity of biotic interactions complements functional and phylogenetic facets of biodiversity
Mapping combinations of interaction, functional and phylogenetic diversity reveals new interaction-rich areas in European Boreal region.

15 January 2022

How to generate food webs when empirical data are lacking
Addressing the Eltonian shortfall — ‘the lack of knowledge about interactions among species or among groups of species’ —  with a new traits-based model of trophic interactions for European vertebrates.

21 May 2021

Balancing conservation priorities for nature and for people in Europe
Planning areas of conservation in Europe while considering biodiversity and Nature’s Contribution to People.

12 May 2021

Studying Panthera tigris dispersal
Records and analysis of a sub-adult female tiger in central India describe the longest known female tiger dispersal event.

12 April 2021

Ecomorphological dynamics in carnivores
Testing the occurrence of convergence in the craniomandibular shape evolution of living carnivorans.

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