Ongoing Projects


Atlantic ECOsystems assessment, forecasting and sustainability.
Horizon 2020 Blue Growth program.
Duration: 2020 – 2025

Global changes, hybridization, and the tyranny of the golden mean.
PRIN (Research Projects of National Interest)
Duration: 2020 – 2023

Climate and land-use change threats to the vertebrate European food-web structure and functioning.
Joint Belmont Forum – BiodivERsa call 2017.
Duration: 05/2019-04/2022.

Past Projects

  • BearConnect. Functional connectivity and ecological sustainability of European ecological networks; a case study with the brown bear. BiodivERsA 2015-2016 Joint Call. Duration: 03/2017-02/2020. Total grant: 1,397,615 Euros.
  • Bears and ants: understanding the functional relationship between bear myrmecophagy and ant ecology. Sapienza University Research Grant. Duration: 2016-2019. Total grant: 5,000 Euros.
  • Protected areas, habitat connectivity and conservation of large carnivore species over the Apennines. Sapienza University Research Grant. Duration: 2015-2019. Total grant: 5,000 Euros.
  • Large scale planning to enhance large carnivore-human coexistence: wolves and bears in the human dominated landscape of Italy. International Wolf Center Grant. Duration: 2014-2017. Total grant: 150,000 Euros.
  • Inferring the extinction risk of data deficient mammals. Sapienza University Research Awards. Duration: 2013-2015. Total grant: 55,000 Euros.
  • Effects of global change on freshwater ecosystems in Europe. Sapienza University FARI Research Grant. Duration: 2011-2012. Total grant: 7,500 Euros.
  • EcoChange: Biodiversity and Ecosystem Changes in Euros. 6° EU Framework Program (FP6-036966). Duration: 2007-2012. Total grant: 7,000,000 Euros.
  • BioScore: Assess the biodiversity impacts your policy options. 6° EU Framework Program (FP6-022661). Duration: 2006-2009. Total grant: 1,576,153 Euros.


The list is not exhaustive. Check publications for full list.

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